Kennel's awards


ARESVUMA - Top-Kennel - 7 of Russian Kynologikal Federation 2009 among the kennels of all breeds in Russia.

ARESVUMA - Top-Kennel - 9 of Russian Kynologikal Federation 2010 among the kennels of all breeds in Russia.

NEW: ARESVUMA - Top-Kennel - 7 of Russian Kynologikal Federation 2014 among the kennels of all breeds in Russia.

ARESVUMA - Best RR Kennel "Eurasia" 2008 (I&II), 2011 (I&II), 2012

ARESVUMA - Best RR Kennel Euro Dog Show 2010

ARESVUMA - Best RR Kennel XI Russian Club Match

ARESVUMA - Best RR Kennel "Russia" 2011

ARESVUMA - Best RR Kennel "Kennels Union Championship" 2012


More about those and other wins at the Kennels and Progeny competitions:

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Best-in-Show Breeders Groups

Best-in-Show Progeny Groups





Every time when Rhodesian Ridgebacks are chosen as Winners and Prize-Winners of Best-In-Show - it's a real Event! 

We proudly present our kennel Winners of BIS in different nominations:



Best-in-Show Specialty

Best-in-Show Baby

Best-in-Show Puppy

Best-in-Show Junior

Best-in-Show Veteran






ARESVUMA awards from National Club of Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed:


Year 2009

Year 2010



ARESVUMA award from Kennels Unioin, year 2012



it's a great pleasure to get the special presents and awards from the owners of ridgebacks boirn in Aresvuma:


From ridgebacks of Sankt-Peterburg

From ridgebacks of Tolyatti

From ridgebacks of Salaspils (Latvia)