Date of birth - 03.07.2013.

Breeder- Yulia Borzina, "Red Prayd" kennel, Russia

Father -  RIDGE'S STAR HOLLAND HARD, "Ridge's Star" kennel, Russia

Mother - ZLATO RUSI ADELINA KAYANGA, "Zlato Rusi" kennel, Russia

Owner - Marina Tum

Health tests - Hips and elbows dysplasia: HD-A/A, ED-0/0 (free from dysplasia)

Titles - Russian Champion, RKF Champion


Daima - mother of ARESVUMA-YU2 litter - is elegant, stylish and bright bitch with wonderful character and lovely, quite temperament. Easy going with the other dogs, Daima gently takes care of a llittle daughter of the owner. Daima has excellent pedigree which combines the bloodlines of well-known dogs from SA, Holland, France and Russia. In 3-generation pedigree there are 8 International Champions, 10 Multichampions. Daima is a granddaughter of out famous ARESVUMA ZULU ZUKA - World Winner, Euro Winner, CRUFTS Winner; granddaughter of RIDGE'S STAR JENEVIEW QUEEN - Euro Winner, Bundessieger; greatgranddaughter of N'GAI ZAMU OF GINBA'S HERO - CRUFTS Winner; greatgranddaughter of TARUJEN PENZI - Junior Euro Winner; greatgranddaughter of SHANGANI UMVUTCHA LONZO - Veteran Euro Winner.